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“Hi, this is Joan Allis and we had to sell our home in order to avoid foreclosure which was a very traumatic thing and we turned to Mikk from Rehab Vault to help us and indeed he did.  Mikk made it as painless as anybody could make it.  We had dealt with a company prior to him that of course ripped us off for close to a $1,000 and you almost had to beg them for an answer but with Mikk there was always an answer.  He did not charge us any fees.  He went out and did all the footwork and took care of everything!  Mikk's bedside manner was excellent! We can’t say enough about what Mikk and his company Rehab Vault did for us.  Thank you so much!”

James & Joann Allis –
915 N. Sharon Avenue, Red Lion, PA 17356

“Hello, my name is Sharon Schwimmer and we couldn’t afford taxes to live in the area anymore and tried to sell our home through different realtors but it did not work out until Mikk came along.  He’s extremely kind, honest and very professional.  He helped us an awful lot.  He did all the papework and made sure we were up to date on everything and he told us step-by-step on what to do.  He was wonderful.  If you want a professional, kind and honest person to sell your home to, you should go with Mikk because he’s a wonderful… wonderful person.  Thank you!”

 Sharon Schwimer
3119 Est. Blvd
York, PA 17402

"We just sold our house to Mikk and wanted to let you know it was an excellent experience.  He was nothing but nice.  Thank you very much."

Bruce Pearlstein -
4000 Old Orchard Rd, York PA 17402

“Hello, this is Ray Rohler Jr in reference to Mikk Sachar. I just wanted to let somebody know that he did a really good job with us trying to help us to get our house sold and get things squared away and just taking care of a lot of things that went wrong lately.  He did a really good job and I’m really pleased with how he helped us out and I hope he has the opportunity to help other people out the way he helped us out.  My wife and my family would just like to say thanks.”

Ray & Robin Rohler -
650 W. Broadway, Red Lion, PA 17356


"When I met Mikk, I was impressed with his professionalism and knowledge of the York area and all things real estate. He is the utmost professional with all transactions and extremely knowledgeable."            

 Scott A. Strawdinger
231 S. Penn Street, York, PA
Expedition Properties, L.L.C.